Which hardwood floor cleaner is best?

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner; Best Value Wood Floor Cleaner. Murphy Original Wood Cleaner - The Best.

Which hardwood floor cleaner is best?

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner; Best Value Wood Floor Cleaner. Murphy Original Wood Cleaner - The Best. Our favorite hardwood floor cleaner is the Better Life floor cleaner that naturally destroys dirt. Zep hardwood floor cleaner is affordable and effective.

Affordably clean your hardwood floors with this biodegradable plant-based formula. Considered on this list as the best hardwood cleaner, this formula can also be used on laminate floors if needed. To use, simply squeeze a small amount of the ergonomically designed shower nozzle out of the jet bottle and clean it without rinsing it. Keep in mind that this option comes with a fresh almond scent and is 100 percent cruelty-free.

For those in need of an economical option, this naturally dirt-destroying Better Life 2-pack is 100 percent plant-based for homes with children and pets. Inside each 32-ounce bottle is a citrus mint cleaning solution that works on hardwoods, bamboo, marble, laminate, vinyl and tile. Better Life's cruelty-free formula also contains no unnecessary dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or other chemicals. Simply apply it to the floor through the jet nozzle and then mop.

With pets running around the house, it can be difficult to keep hardwood floors clean. When fighting against traces from exits and dirt from playing, the MURPHY wood cleaner and oil soap has been trusted for over 100 years and may be just what you need. Made with plant-based ingredients, this cleaner has a natural citronella fragrance and can be used on wooden cabinets and furniture, as well as hardwood, laminate, ceramic and vinyl floors. Alternatively, for an economical option, the Better Life ready-to-use plant-based hardwood floor cleaner comes with 2 bottles of water, works on hardwood, bamboo, marble, vinyl, tile and laminate floors, and leaves a citrus mint scent.

Not only is it safe to use vinegar solutions suitable for washing hardwood floors, but it is an effective traditional method, often used on original hardwood floors in period properties. Aunt Fannie Vinegar Floor Cleaner features a pet-friendly blend of vinegar and 100 percent essential oil blends. The brand recommends diluting to half a cup of solution per two gallons for use with mop buckets, floor cleaning machines and spray bottles. No need to vacuum floors to remove loose dirt before jumping into wet mopping.

Based on research of various types of hardwood floor cleaning machines, the following list of top choices represents high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. My house is mostly hardwood, so I could get by with just one spray, but I could see that this is a good option for someone with many different types of floors. To avoid worrying about chemically damaging your floors, some people prefer hardwood floor cleaning recipes that consist of ingredients you can find in your pantry. While these sprays left some minor stains on the vinyl floor, Bona PowerPlus sprays were up to par with all the other stubborn stains, including the ketchup stain.

Whether your wood floor cleaner contains cleaning detergents called “surfactants” or is water- and plant-based, knowing what's in today's cleaning products helps you determine which one is best for your floors. In addition to being stored in a convenient spray bottle, the Bona PowerPlus Deep Clean hardwood floor cleaner is GreenGuard Gold certified. For cleaning heavily soiled and discolored floors, the ZEP hardwood and laminate floor cleaner is a good choice. Safe to use on unfinished and unwaxed floors and around children and pets, Bona hardwood floor cleaner tackles everyday dirt with ease.

This vacuum mop is designed for use on both hard floors and carpets, and intelligent touch controls on the handle allow users to change the cleaning action for different floor surfaces. Standard vacuums rely on air filters to trap dirt and debris, rather than tanks or water pads. . .

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