Are wood flooring engineered?

Flooring Options for Wet Areas · Wide Plank Flooring Professionals and. Designer hardwood floors consist of a thin layer of wood on top (veneer) and several layers of backing (the core).

Are wood flooring engineered?

Flooring Options for Wet Areas · Wide Plank Flooring Professionals and. Designer hardwood floors consist of a thin layer of wood on top (veneer) and several layers of backing (the core). Sheet and core thickness varies by design and manufacturer. It is this construction detail that will play the most important role in the appearance of your floor, its stability and its durability.

Engineered wood is made of processed layers of wood glued together. On top of these layers is a solid piece of high-quality wood called veneer. This means that, although the planks look like solid oak, they are actually made up of layers of lower wood. Designer hardwood floors look almost identical to solid wood, but the way they're manufactured offers superior durability at an affordable price.

Instead of a single wooden plank, engineered wood floors are made of a high-quality plywood core with a thinner layer of wood on top. This allows designer wood to show the beauty of its species while taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness and added strength provided by its design. Designer hardwood floors can be installed just like solid wood floors, or they can be floated to encapsulate an existing floor. This is ideal for covering things such as old concrete or asbestos floors that can't be tampered with but need to be covered for safety.

This facilitates old building conversions as well as total installation of the new floor faster than with solid wood floors. Designer hardwood floors will rarely discourage prospective buyers, though they may recognize that these floors have a shorter lifespan. Engineered wood floors have a coating on top, which means they can't be sanded as many times as a solid wood floor. If, on the other hand, you prefer to install engineered wood floors, you should ensure that you opt for a high-quality engineered wood floor from a reputable dealer.

If you are using a prefinished hardwood floor, you must ensure that it meets or exceeds guidelines for volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can affect indoor air quality. It's highly durable and capable of withstanding moisture and heat, so you can trust that quality designer hardwood floors will last for many years to come. Hardwood designed with a plywood core uses 5 to 7 layers of plywood, crisscrossed and joined together. That said, engineered wood is best suited for homes where durability is the primary concern, such as those with young children and animals, or in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens or basements.

Instead, you should consider the intrinsic differences that will help you find the highest quality engineering floor. The pre-finished shapes of both floors are the most durable, as they have a hard factory applied finish that holds up very well. While engineered wood sounds like something made of vinyl that just has to look like wood, it's actually 100% hardwood, just like solid floors. Make sure you choose a hardwood product that lasts as long as your business does, with the style and charm you expect from hardwood.

These different layers are brought together facing each other in different directions, which makes the core of the engineered wood much more stable and resistant to deformation or swelling than a solid wood plank. A good quality engineered wood floor generally lasts 25 to 30 years, and is less expensive and easier to install for DIYers. It is usually made of a kind of hardwood, such as oak, maple or walnut, and its main advantage is that it can be sanded and refinished many times throughout its lifespan. Designer hardwood floors are the winners here, as their plywood base is less susceptible to deformation caused by moisture.


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